Old Tacoma Marine, Inc.

What's New

February 1, 2010

Added a new Atlas-Imperial engine manual -- an instruction booklet for model 6EN-668s.

February 1, 2010

Added a ton of Washington Iron Works stuff -- technical manuals, period advertisements, and specification lists. Check it out -- and let us know if there's more you want to see there.

January 13, 2010

Two new engines in the Washington Iron Works section: a marine engine from the fishboat New Zora and a stationary engine from the Timber Heritage Association's yarder.

Also added Rocky's generator in Redding to the Atlas-Imperial section, the J. R. Nelson to the Enterprise section, and more listings on the For Sale page.

October 21, 2009

Worked on the Fairbanks-Morse section some more: added pages for the Y(2) light plant engine in Fredericksburg, Texas, a Y(1) at the Rock River Thresheree Museum, two Y(1)s in Brinkley, Arkansas, two Y(2)s at an abandonned light plant in Hawaii, a former irrigation pump 32E14 in Oregon, and the three great Y-models at the Granbury Light Plant in Texas.

We also found a photo of the Sherman Zwicker's engine and got that up.

Also made an addition to the Enterprise section: the Mt. Washington is powered by two DMG-8 diesels.

October 14, 2009

Worked on the Fairbanks-Morse section some more: added pages for the 32E14(4) in ghost-town Cody, the Dover Steam Show's 32E14(6), the 32E14(3) in Farmersville, the Homestake Mine Y(1), the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association's Y(4), the old Y(2) in an abandonned Niederwald cotton gin, a Y(1) in the old Rupps Citrus barn, the Oldenburg Engine, a 32E14in Powhatan, Virginia, a Y(1) at the Prairie Village, another 32E14(6) at the Rock River Thresheree Museum, a Y(3) pump in Williston Florida, and three engines at the TN-KY Threshermen's Association: a 32E14(2) and a Y(3) and Y(4) that powered the Rafferty Gin in Missouri.

We also found video of the Oblong 32E14(2), pictures of the Useppa Island Y(2), and pictures and video of the Florida Flywheelers' Y(2).

October 7, 2009

Worked on the Fairbanks-Morse section a bunch: added pages for the Chickentown Gas & Steam Association's Y(2), the two generators that came off of Sapelo Island and went to the East Tennessee Crank-Up and the Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club, the National Pike Steam, Gas, & Horse Association's Y-3, the Penngrove Power & Implement Museum's big 32E14(6), the Rough & Tumble Engineers Historical Association's Y(1), the 3-cyl 32E14 Lake Okeechobee pump on display in Florida, and the former Seymour Light Plant 32E14 in Texas. Stay tuned for more next week!